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Here at Nature’s Green House, we’re on a mission to provide the best CBD products for residents of Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas in Florida. That philosophy extends to our selection of CBD vape products, which we carefully select from our trusted partners who are leading brands in the industry. As with every product we sell, our CBD vape juice and CBD concentrates are tested thoroughly to confirm that they meet the highest quality and consistency standards.

What Are CBD Vape Products?

CBD vape juice and CBD concentrates are created to help people complete their CBD routines by vaping. This is appealing to many people who already vape and have become interested in the potential benefits of CBD. If hemp oil, CBD edibles, and other similar products don’t appeal to you very much, you may find that you prefer to vape CBD.

Types of CBD Vape Products

Depending on your personal preferences, you have two primary options when it comes to CBD vape products. Those who want a sweeter, more flavorful experience often choose CBD vape juice because it comes in a variety of delightful flavors. If you think you might prefer a product that still has more of the natural essence of the hemp plant, you may prefer our CBD crumble concentrates. Learn more about both types of products to see which sounds more like the way you want to vape your CBD.

CBD Vape Juice

These products are highly concentrated with CBD, flavorful, and vape-able. Once you taste them, you’ll see why CBD vape juice is one of our Fort Lauderdale CBD stores’ most popular options. It’s made by Just CBD, a manufacturer with quite the reputation for a complete commitment to purity, quality, and consistency.

This brand produces products that range from 250 mg CBD to 1000 mg CBD, and they’re priced according to CBD level. Just CBD vape juice comes in all of the following flavors, so choose one that sounds the most appealing to you:

  • Mango Ice CBD Vape Juice
  • Piña Colada CBD Vape Juice
  • Strawberry Cheesecake CBD Vape Juice
  • Blue Razz CBD Vape Juice
JUST CBD – CBD vape juice from 1000mg to 250mg from $49.99 to $19.99

If you’re not looking for CBD e-liquid to refill your existing vape, you may prefer to buy a disposable CBD vape pen. In that case, we’d recommend pens from CBDFX. These disposable vape pens are flavored with terpenes to make for a natural and enjoyable experience. Choose from the following terpene flavors based on whatever sounds good to you:

  • OG Kush Disposable CBD Vape Pen
  • Blue Dream Disposable CBD Vape Pen
  • Sour Diesel Disposable CBD Vape Pen

CBD Concentrates

We get our CBD crumble concentrates from GoldLine CBD, which is yet another brand with a sterling reputation within the industry. If you want to buy CBD from the most reliable company in the industry, choose GoldLine CBD. This particular product of theirs is beloved by people who are always looking for the most concentrated CBD products they can get their hands on.

A single gram of this product contains about 250 mg of CBD. You can enjoy this product by using your dab rig, a vape pen that can handle concentrates, or with natural hemp flower. Some people like to add a little bit of this concentrate to their rolled hemp cigarette or some hemp flower in a glass pipe. Choose this product if you want to smoke or vape the product with the highest level of CBD available.

  • GOLDLINE – CBD crumble $39.99 250mg 1gram

How Do You Use CBD Vape Products?

The best way to enjoy your CBD vape product will depend on the specific product you buy. If you buy a disposable vape pen, for example, the process is incredibly straightforward. Just draw CBD vapor out of your pen until it runs out, then dispose of the pen and get a new one.

CBD vape juice is also easy to use if you have a refillable vape. It works just like the other types of e-liquid you might be used to. All you have to do is refill the tank of your vape with CBD vape juice. Some people even like to make their own custom mixes by adding CBD vape juice to their other favorite e-liquid.

CBD crumble concentrates are the most difficult to use of the products we carry, but they’re still not especially hard to figure out. If you have a dab rig or a concentrate-friendly vape pen, you’re already prepared. Otherwise, the easiest way to enjoy CBD crumble may be to add some to hemp flower before smoking.

Where Should I Buy CBD Vape Products?

The CBD industry has gotten some negative attention because so many products don’t actually contain CBD levels they claim to. Other CBD products have even been found to contain impurities or dangerous chemicals that cause health concerns. Here at Nature’s Green House, we’re doing our part to give the CBD industry a better reputation.

We only sell products from manufacturers and brands we trust. When you buy your CBD vape products here, you can do so with the confidence that they’ve gone through thorough testing and quality control. Whether you buy from us or from someone else, make sure you’re getting your CBD products from a Fort Lauderdale CBD store that values purity, consistency, and quality.

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